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He Found A Big Cat In His Room At Midnight. Is It A Spiritual Attack?

He Found A Big Cat In His Room At Midnight. Is It A Spiritual Attack?

I’ve been having rough nights for some days now because I keep the windows to my room shut, which makes me sleep under intense heat. I keep the windows shut because of a strong fowl smell, like a dead animal, that I’m trying to prevent from getting into my room. I’ve tried searching the whole compound to see if I will find the carcass of a dead rat but to no avail. So I decided to traced the smell which led me to the fence close to my window. That was how I discovered that something had died inside the brick holes of the fence. I couldn’t check to see what it is cos the closer I got, the stronger and unbearable the smell became.

Last Saturday, while we were holding community meeting on solving PHCN issues, I met Emeka (not real name) who lives 2 blocks away from mine. During our discussion on how heat makes it difficult sleeping at night due to lack of power supply, he narrated a terrible ordeal he had few days back. He said he was sleeping inside his room but was getting disturbed by a screeching sound, like something was scratching against wood. He passed it off as a rat trying to bore a hole in his door, cos every time he hits his leg on the bed, the sound stops.

By midnight, he got up to go ease himself. He picked up hIs rechargeable lamp, put it on and the next thing he saw frightened him almost to death. Lo and behold, there was a very big cat by the door with its eyes shining back at him. His head became swollen and out of shock he stumbled backwards. He managed to pick his construction boot and threw it hard on the cat. The next thing was a loud cry from the cat which dashed towards his face to fight. He said it was difficult for him cos the lamp had dropped and pointed towards the door, while he was in the dark part struggling with the creature. He had to quickly dash towards the door which was now free for him to open cos the cat was no more there but battling with him. He ran out of the room, to the living room and out of the house to wake up his neighbor. After narrating his ordeal, his neighbor allowed him to sleep in his house.

When it was morning, he called 2 guys to help him search his house to see if the cat was still there. The cat was no more there cos he left his doors open while he was dashing out. Surprisingly, there was no crack that would have made the cat to gain access into house. This made him scared the more. So, while I’m thinking maybe the construction boot he slammed on the cat must have injured it to death and is probably the cause of the offensive odour in my backyard, he is scared that it was a spiritual attack. Now, he’s avoiding the room.

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