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Christian Louboutin Makes Magic Unicorn Boots

The unicorn trend has come to stay and I am totally in love with the burst of beautiful colours that accompanies it. Its no news that the trend has already made its big break for 2017 since everyone is getting creative with it.

We have seen various unicorn inspired ideas flood our social media timeline, and we can only enjoy the lovely sight. People have gone very creative as they have mixed-matched the unicorn trend with almost everything, ranging from what we eat to what we wear. Do not be surprised when I tell you that there is a unicorn toast, unicorn bakes, unicorn trainers and starbucks makes the prettiest unicorn frappuccinos.

It looks lovely right?

As if all that wasn’t enough, Christian Louboutin took it a notch further to make the cutest pair of shimmering, sequinned boots  which has a unique feature that I have not seen. The boots appears to be silver at first glance but when you rub your hands over it transforms into the most beautiful pair boots, with an amazing burst of colours.

Watch the video below to understand what I mean;

I love this pair!



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