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8 Types of food That Will Make Your Vagina Taste and Smell Good

It’s high time you jumped in here ladies, because we are about to give you tips on how to make you Vay-jay-jay taste and smell good. Eight out of every ten ladies love to receive head cos it is one of the best activity before getting the real deal. If your partner is not giving you some, you probably need to check yourself lol. First of all, it is a total turn off when you are about to get some from your man and he gets a whiff of something foul down there. That is a NO-NO and we do not want to ruin the grand opening of a magical sex. Although, the vagina is a very sensitive place and one can easily upset the pH balance if you apply any nice smelling spray which can lead to an infection. Your vagina is not expected to smell like a bottle of an expensive perfume or a rose garden, it only has to smell like a clean, washed vagina. I have put together 8 types of food that might make your Vay-Jay smell and taste good. Hitch a ride with me ladies!

  1. Pineapple is the first on the list. It tastes good and what you eat reflects on and inside your body. You might want to stock up on pineapple a week before you get the real deal cos the more pineapple you consume the more it will influence the taste of your seminal and vaginal fluids.


  2. Green vegetables like spinach, lettuce or leafy greens in general are very healthy. It allows the vagina taste fresh and normal but you must avoid broccoli and coriander because that it will leave your vagina with a foul smell.


  3. Grape and blueberry are sweet fruits. It is believed that  they do a good job like the pineapple.


  4. Greek yogurt or sweetened yoghurt gives a healthy vagina because it is full of good bacteria that helps the vagina to function properly. It also helps to fight infections and it leaves your vagina in a good shape.


  5. Water is very essential in the body as it helps to flush out toxins, it will leave you hydrated. The more you pee the more you let go of the icky substance that generates a foul smell.


  6. It is also believed that peppermint is good, you can drink peppermint tea to get a healthy vagina and it will make you taste very good down there, it also helps to prevent yeast infection.


  7. We all know that honey is very sweet and there are no bitter taste associated to honey. A teaspoon of honey and peppermint tea might do an amazing job


  8. Although people have said Cranberry can cure UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) but it is yet to be scientifically proven. Cranberry is known to cleanse the body off toxins and it is safe to say that it might be essential to keep the vagina very clean.


All of the foods stated above isn’t scientifically proven to make your vagina smell or taste right but theories have confirmed that it might work. You can try them out, but make sure you do not rub anything on your vagina except it is prescribed by your physician. Ensure that you do this in moderation, exercise and stay clean.

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