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5 Ways To Identify Poor & Razz Girls



  1. Shoprite Girls: This type of girls are very quick to tell you to take them to Shoprite as if that’s where heaven is. When you go out on a date with them they come along with 3-5 of their friends and you will begin to wonder if it is a conference meeting. When it is time to go home they will buy enough food for their family; if it is possible to buy for their ancestors they will do so. They are often called ‘I never Chop.’

  1. Send Me Credit: These ones cannot afford to buy N500 recharge card. If they request for recharge card and you fail to do so, they will haunt you for the rest of your life. They are capable of being abusive to the extent of saying you are broke, whereas they cannot afford to buy for themselves

  1. Girls Who Wear Slipper With Dirty Foot: These type of girls are dirty, when you see their foot you’ll think they played with sand. To make it worse they wear a thong-like shiny leather slippers with their dirty toe nails sticking out. They are also too loud when talking, fond of dragging their feet and bouncing their breast while walking. I wonder if they cannot afford 50 Naira soap to wash up.


  1. Girls With Thick Eyelashes: The first thing you see on their face is the canopy eyelash which is usually very thick, black and long. They fix their lashes in the following places; Mushin, Ikeja under-bridge, Oshodi under-bridge and Agege.  These girls believe that the eyelash enhances their beauty. Do not fall for this kind of girls, their major priority is their eyelash and nothing else. You should also avoid seeing them first thing in the morning cos that is when they are the ugliest. Their eyes, nose and lips will pop-out as if they were punched on the face.

  1. Coke And Fanta Skin Girls: These ones can only afford cheap bleaching cream and they have a very bad body odor. Their skin color is very terrible and it becomes worse after they can’t afford to buy more bleaching cream. They usually have a burnt face accompanied with black knuckles and foot. They suffer from skin discoloration and misplaced identities. Some of these girls also refer to pic as pix, yes as yels (z) and they cannot differentiate red from pink.


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