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4 Steps That Show How Girls Move Into Your Home.

A twitter user lit up twitter Nigeria with a very interesting tweet where he wrote about the ways in which a girl moves into your home. It is a very interesting topic and I suspect that he might have revealed these steps based on experience. I am sure few men can relate to this, so feel free to share your ‘girl-move-in’ experiences.

Lets elaborate on the steps;

She Leaves A  Toothbrush – She has to leave her toothbrush just in case of next time, at least she is optimistic about spending more nights over at yours if things are going great.

She Forgets Her Slippers – First of all, ladies do not forget their slippers, they leave it on purpose. At this point she is beginning to get comfortable with you. Besides, why should she wear your slippers that do not fit when she can bring hers over?

Hair Net – When she leaves the hair net, just forget it, your place is now a second home and at this point there is little you can do as she has become very very comfortable with you.

She Leaves The Bag She Brought For the Weekend – She has finally moved in when she leaves ‘The Bag’. All she has to do is to bring her other stuff one at a time and *Whala* you have a full house and permanent roommate.

Unless you have a problem with her moving in, you might go through a lot of stress when you want her to leave. Although, if she is the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, you shouldn’t have a problem with her moving in, right?

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