Tonto Dikeh has eloped with her Son, Properties document valued at $1m – Anonymous Source

The Tonto Dikeh and Her Husband Churchill Olakunle marriage drama has gone beyond what we think it is. Conflicting stories keep surfacing as both parties have shared different views about their breakup.

The Marriage controversy started when it was revealed that Tonto Dikeh framed to blackmail her beloved husband Olakunle Churchill , that he was cheating on her with Emerging Nollywood Actress.

Tonto Dikeh husband, Churchill recently disclosed that he had no Female Personal Assistant on an interview with Toast Magazine, Rosy Meurer is just an ambassador to Big Church Foundation and not his Personal Assistant, He added.

While speaking to one of the wife’s friend, he revealed to us that Churchill Left for Ghana when the Marriage Crisis started from the mother’s in-law home where it was allegedly revealed that she pushed her mother in-law down and broke some properties in a bid to defend her marijuana lifestyle.

A Domestic aide in the family again leaked out to an Abuja Blogger, Barcity that Tonto Dikeh has eloped with her Son, Properties document valued at $1m , Money which is said to be worth over 300 million Naira, since then Tonto Dikeh is still not yet to be reached, She added.

The Househelp who pleaded not to be mentioned also buttressed that she overhead her madam pushing to take over Big Church Foundation as a subsidiary of Tonto Dikeh Foundation as she believes that it will make better impression for a celebrity actress who is big on the media.

Popular Comedian Gandoki also recently attacked Tonto Dikeh on Instagram and asked her to go back to her Marriage.

Tonto Dikeh also disclosed that her marriage with Churchill was based on Lies, Scam and that she also treated many STDs.

According to the Report from Tonto Dikeh’s Instagram Page, she also denied that her husband Churchill bought her 2017 Lexus SUV which we have seen her drive in the City of Abuja and also at Big Church Foundation Eye Project which was held in Millennium park, Abuja.

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