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It’s another Friday and I am here thinking of the places that come alive on the island, I miss the night life, the good music, the beautiful places and the people that make it happen. Alright, let me get started, I have a weakness, we all have a soft spot for something and whenever I am put in that situation it takes a lot of will and strength to function properly, damn it turns me into a jelly quickly.

Michelle Obama dancing

Well it is only normal for you to appreciate the work of nature especially when it appears in 50 shades of biceps and six pack! I guess you know where I am heading to. Although It doesn’t have to be six but I want to see the tight body going on. *that’s my weakness*

URGHHH… I love my men with broad shoulders, it makes me happy to see that some men dedicate time to stay fit on top. They also come handy when you need a great hug, I am not making this up, hug one and tell me if you do not feel safe. The biceps are a perfect representation of 3D come alive lol! Okay I am done. Let me tell you a story.

It was a Friday night and that’s the beginning of the weekend. I close at work by 6pm, working 10 hours a day is not child’s play. It was a long day, due to the fact that I made plans for the night to hang out with my girls. I kept looking at the wall clock waiting for the grand strike on the number 6. It took a slow pace but 6 years later it was finally time! I was overjoyed, I grabbed my bag and dashed out like I was being chased out. When I got to Alade market on Allen avenue I called a cab who after a long bargain collected a fair of 2,500 for the trip to VI.

On getting there, my friends weren’t home so I used the spare key, showered, ate and napped for a while. I was deeply asleep that I didn’t know the girls were home until their laughter woke me around 1am. I walked into the sitting room dizzily with my puffy eyes, we shouted and screamed exchanging pleasantries. One of them called out and said, you are going out tonight right? Honestly, I wanted to go back to bed to continue my beauty sleep, but they gingered me, I came to the island because I want to turn up, and that’s what I shall do.

In 1 hour I was ready for the night. We drove around stopping at different night clubs, but it was packed, full to the brim and that is a major turn off. Don’t they stay at home? Lol, see pot calling kettle black, why didn’t my friends and I stay at home too. Trust me the stress of working in Lagos is on the high side, after a hectic week, everyone just wants to unwind. We eventually got a spot at Quilox, it is never easy getting into that club if you don’t know a G, we got in because we know one. To be honest I wasn’t looking my best at all, I wore an oversized jean shirt-dress and there was nothing curvaceous about the dress. I wasn’t feeling the night until I downed a couple of shots to get in the groove. One hour later I was 65% gone, the music sounded right, I was on top of the world and loving it. That’s what alcohol does to you, at this point I Knew I had reached my limit.

While I was swaying to the tune, I felt a mister’s hand slide through my waist, I looked back to see who it is, it was impossible to picture his face considering the fact that I was very-very wavy, much more in a world of my own. But I noticed the most important thing even in my wavy state, he has broad shoulders, the perfect height and I instantly turned into a jelly, *weakness alert*. The alcohol boosted my confidence thus I was all over him, so was he. I was lost in the night; our spirit was in sync. One would think we had something going on before now, damn he smelt so good and I simply burrowed into his chest, there was enough room. We connected, our souls were entwined, I stayed there quietly amidst the loud music, I was having the time of my Dance with boyfriend life until someone tapped my back, alas it was my friend telling me it was time to leave, I didn’t want to leave, I felt a little disappointed, sad, angry and urghh the night went by so quickly. Can you feel my pain? You don’t get to have moments like this every time but I made the most of it.

Fun fact, we didn’t say anything to each other while we were busy loving up, we simply lived for the moment, but before I left I gave him a tight hug which was reciprocated in the most beautiful way. That was the last time I saw him.

It’s another Friday and I am just here reminiscing, thinking of where my mystery guy is. Lol!

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