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BankyW reveals to Big Brother Naija contestants that he auditioned for his role in the movie, The Wedding Party

This was revealed by the singer during his motivational visit to the housemates in the Big Brother Naija reality TV show being filmed in South Africa. On his acting debut, BankyW said:

“Ability is one thing but you still have to go out and earn it. I had to audition and its funny to people because they think oh BankyW… First of all, even for me, the only success that I know and I’m familiar with is success that you earn. I have never won a raffle draw. I don’t do luck, i do work. Hard work beats talent when Talent doesn’t work out. You have to earn your way in and up. For the Wedding Party, I was told to audition. I auditioned next to 20 and 30 people, got through the first round and told to come back. Went again and moved ahead.”

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