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Authorities arrests the Police men who harassed African China

Three days ago, being Tuesday, February 7th 2017, singer, African China shared a video of a policeman threatening to shoot him while leaving the set of Sound Sultan’s music video in Ajegunle, Lagos, read full story here. On reaching out to him to explain what transpired between him and the police and what steps he has taken to resolve the issue.

It was learned as follows:

“I went for a video shoot in Ajegunle. While the video shoot was on, a group of area boys came to harass me for money and all that. I agreed that I was going to give them because if I don’t, they may damage my windscreen or something else in my car and you know now, everything has added money and I didn’t want them to damage anything. I wanted to leave with my car the way I came with it and it was actually help I came to render to my friend, Sound Sultan.

They were about eighty area boys and they belonged to different groups and cartels and each cartel had their headman. So each of the group presented their boss to me; I asked them to appoint somebody amongst all of them whom I would give the money to. They had a little meeting and later presented a guy they wanted me to give the money to.

I told them they should allow me to finish my shoot first. After the music video shoot, I called the attention of the guy and gave him the money. The money became a problem for them and they started fighting. So my boys smuggled me into the car and we were about driving off when from nowhere, a policeman with gun pointing at my car asked me to get down.

I called the attention of one of the officers and said I’m African China and I speak for the public here and trust me, I need to get out of this place and if I don’t, you won’t be able to handle this”.

When asked him how much he paid the area boys he refused to disclose the amount, saying;

“It is not necessary. The reason why I won’t disclose the amount is because now, it is a public thing. When you say it, it attract other to start demanding for more money. This ones were too many that was why I gave that amount of money.”

When asked what was the demands of the police men who prevented him from moving;

he said “What else, their own share na”

When asked if the police men mention he should settle them:

he said’ “Yes, they did”

Speaking on the steps he has taken to resolve the issue, African China said he was at the police two days ago and that the police men involved are currently in police custody

“The Inspector General was interested in the case. As I speak with you, the two police men have been apprehended and are in police custody right now at Ajeromi Police Station, Ajegunle. They have been jailed and may be dismissed from the force too.”

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