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Lady lands in trouble after following friend to ‘church’ in Lagos (photos,video)

A young lady identified as Oluchi Nkiruka Nwabueze from Imo state is alleged to have fallen in an unstable condition after following a friend to ‘a church’.

According to Facebook user, Tina Uche, who posted the story, Oluchi has been in an unstable state at a bus stop in Idimu area of Lagos after she lost her father and decided to follow a friend to a supposed church programme. But instead of being consoled, she was turned into something else.

The friend had cajoled her about the church programme. She however followed him but on getting there, it was not a church. They met one man and a woman. That was all she can remember.

Read the post and photos below as put up by Tina Uche on Facebook:
“Her name is Oluchi Nkiruka David Nwabueze. She is from Naze Owerri -North. Imo State. She stays very close to a bus stop in Idimu, Lagos. Seen her for some time now but couldn’t summon a enough courage to approach her because I do not know her mental state. Moreover I wanted to avoid that kind of story that touches the heart.

“On my way back from church yesterday, 1st January, we ran into each other. I discovered that she is harmless, so today I decided to pay her a visit. When I got to her she recognised me. I want to make it very short for am not good with long post. She came to lagos after the death of her father. She had a friend that told her about a programme in one church. She followed him but on getting there, it was not a church. They met one man and a woman. That was all she can remember.

“I want to appeal to you my boloved friends to re-broadcast this. Am not good in tagging friends. She needs medical attention, shelter etc. Looking at some of the pictures, she was showing me her tools for shining shoes but imagined who will patronize her. Again she showed me some bags of stones she gathered for sale. Talking with her, I said to myself, what a talent. My fear. She is exposed to abuse and molestation. Please lets help until the appropriate authorities come to her aid. Happy new year again to you as you help Oluchi to get help.”


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