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Fraudster Dupes Woman Of 3.2 Billion Naira In Uyo

A woman was duped 3.2 million Naira by a group of men.


According to her neighbor Bishop Eva – My neighbor was their victim, she lost 3.2 million to these criminals.

She was duped while she was on her way to Uyo.

When she boarded the vehicle, one of the men was busy lamenting that he is a stranger and doesn’t know any where around that place, out of pity she started asking him questions to see if there is a way she can be of help to him but not knowing that they’re all together, immediately she asked him a question she forgot herself and started doing everything they ask her to do.

She gave them Money three times, the first day she gave them 600k because that was what she had in her account and borrowed the rest from people to give them. They were 4 in number but only these 3 was arrested but the funny thing is that their charm was still working even in court because the magistrate that granted them bail without paying a dime must be Under something. Their names are, Iniobong Amos Jimmy, Uko jacob and Anietie.


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