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Floral Fashion Inspiration

You will agree with me that the floral trend brings life to fashion and the reason is not far fetched. When you think of floral what comes to mind? I can hear someone say colours! Yes, colours and so much more comes to mind.

Floral prints allows one explore the use of different colours embedded in one piece and they come alive when it is matched with plain colours or worn as a single piece.

The item could be a top, skirt, shoe, purse and so on, but as long as it spots a floral print, get ready to be noticed. Another beautiful thing I admire about this trend is how it singles itself out effortlessly, some prints are extremely busy while some are on the minimal side but the fact that it trails on the floral trend gives it an appealing blend

If you haven’t bagged a floral piece, you should do that right now. See the pictures below.

woman-5 woman-6 woman-7 woman-8 woman-9 woman-10 woman-1

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