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The record Label or is it music company known as 5star music which is behind the productions of KCEE, HARRYSONG and SKIBI with in-house producers Dr Amir and Del B  and SOSO SOBEREKON acting as general manager was the toasts of the scene within the administration of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’ as songs from the E-MONEY cartel dominated all government functions across the country, this was visible on all their social media channels, with the Manager constantly displaying dollars indicating the financial success of the crew but all that seems to have suddenly changed or perhaps we might just experiencing another Milli Vanilli moment emanating from the 5star Mansion.


The recent revelation by HARRYSONG aka MR Songs that he wasn’t been appreciated for all his efforts while he was a 5star music general, has indeed got everyone asking questions about the composition of the record company.

WotzUp sources decided to avoid the role of ‘’Prophets of doom’’ but alternatively took a futuristic view of all the Members of the Crew.


E-MONEY- The Businessman and executive Producer of the Label as time has shown, is indeed a man of means, so the exit of Artistes and Producers may do little or no damage whatsoever to his reputation or business connections. So we’ll probably be hearing Eeeeee Money…eh! for a while.


KCEE- The top artiste from the label came back to the music scene with a flurry of hits Including, Okpekete, Give it to me, etc after parting ways with his erstwhile partner PRESH , considering his song writing skills he may have to device a new means of churning out fresh content as usual by signing a new songwriter to the Label.


HARRYSONG- The songs and creative material engine room of the label has already announced his own music platform and the future looks decently fruitful for the Bayelsa born Singer. Though his exit has been long overdue some industry professionals worry if he hasn’t given out his best materials to label, but in all he seems to be on the course of handling his affairs personally.


SKIBI- The stylish young singer of the Label already had the industry taking shots at him over what some termed ‘the most ridiculous PR stunt’. Skibi’s songs, features and death stunt haven’t been loud enough to garner the required spotlight time so one can only wonder what the future holds for AHh Skibii Skibii skibii  Ahh Skibii….. But he’s young so there are possibilities.


DR AMIR- The Producer of many Hits including reggae blues, Baba for the Girls, etc has been charting a solo and more musical path for some time now with the release of his single ‘’Wigilli’’ ft Harrysongs, Skibii . Amir had already moved from the mainland to the island leaving the 5Star crew. The dreadlock producer whose expertise has moved him from the studio to the stage doesn’t seem to be slowing down.


SOSO SOBEREKON- aka White Lion- The general manager of the crew that had to kneel and beg everyone individually ( including Kcee, Harrysong, Skibii,Dr Amir and Del B) after he was fired in june 2015 for fraudulent activities may just be the one with the load of uncertainty in the 5Star mansion (as it’s called).  After the break-up of KCEE and PRESH he chose to stick with KCEE to develop his brand as a solo artiste. We can only wonder what the future holds for the Port-Harcourt boy whose financial impropriety has pitched him against many industry professionals. Maybe like he once said ‘’If I no make am I go just open church, turn Pastor’’

For now,  we can only wait and see what strategies would be applied by the team to bounce back.

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