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”VIDEO” Policeman encounter street justice In Lagos, Accused Of Murder

An elderly man was killed earlier today after he was allegedly pushed inside a gutter by policemen who were trying to arrest a bus driver in airport Bus stop in Lagos…After the incident, the police officer was rushed by an angry mob who beat him and forced him to carry the corpse.

A post by a facebook user Peculiar Lekeson had videos and photos of the incident.

as shared by Peculiar Lekenson;

This policeman in a quest to arrest a LT commercial bus push the old man inside d gutter at airport bus stop around 12pm on 26/10/2016. The policeman his other colleague came in a vanagon bus which they initially arrested then use the same bus to raid on another commercial buses. The other police ran away immediate towards oshodi. While d other in the video attempt to zoom off but was crushed to d wall by the LT bus he was going to arrest.


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