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The Fear Of Mohammadu Buhari, The Beginning Of Silence

Our government seems to have drowned in the murky waters of ignoble failure. Nigerians had hope for change, a change that they foresaw to be bright, colourful with a lot of bountiful riches to harvest. The days turned into weeks, weeks folded up to months and months bundled up to a year, the question remains, where is the change?

Those who voted for this government are taking back the good words they have invested, its alarming how people regress from a change they set in . While Uncle Jona was in power, a lot of people complained of the snail pace the government threaded on, satirical videos raided the internet, people laughed at the the man in power who dragged the country down while the woman beside him on the other hand authored a comical book of vocabularies. When all these was going on, a thought sprung me to reality that this might be a political scheme to dent the already failed government of Uncle Jona so as to portray him as incompetent thus bestowing power on the people to vote Good luck Jonathan out of the system. Well it is just a thought, I might be wrong.

It is no longer news that the Nigerian economy is thriving on recession while inflation and unemployment is moving Nigerians to an old tune of Fela ‘suffering and smiling’. We are in a terrible place and it seems like we are not getting out of this pit any time soon. Even when pastors preach faith to the congregation spitting words like the mouthpiece of the holy ghost  saying ‘ the spirit of the lord tells me to tell you that there there is no such thing as recession’  all we do is believe with a faith that is barely there, as soon as  we leave the threshold of the church premises reality dawns on us.

Time has been wasted on catching thieves  but to what end?  All of ‘US’  are thieves and we should quit deceiving ourselves that Nigeria is a great nation, maybe great in our imagination but reality says otherwise right now.  People are hungry, dying and no one is saying anything. Are we are scared of the General , where are the caricatures exposing the government, where are the satires. It seems everyone has gone silent, even the famous ‘Oga At The Top’ who jumped on our screens revealing the dent  state of Uncle Jona’s regime have gone quiet. News blogs like Sahara reporters are now spreading the positive moves of a government the people are groaning against.  I am beginning to think that nearly everything in Nigeria is politically inclined although I accept the fact that I may be wrong.   All in all I hope the change we voted for won’t be our undoing.

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