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The Day A Mad Woman Chased Me

It was 6:15pm and I have done nothing but sleep all day. As the day faded fatigue crept on me, it seems like I have carried the weight of thousands coupled with the burning sensation I have had for days above my pelvic. A glass of water was all I longed for but my nephew was nowhere to be found so this meant I had to get it myself. I struggled to sit up, choosing my stance with care so as not to add to the agony that torments me on my side. Oh dear! The burning sensation stings like a legion bees having a feast. When I stood up, everything went blank, I saw tiny stars bouncing slowly and playing ‘connect the dots’ or I thought I saw something? Either way I swayed dizzily to the rhythm of an unknown wind, when my head felt larger than normal this was when I realized I am having one of those semi-pass out moments. The water Haaaaa… just what I need, although it would have been best if it was chilled but NEPA has failed on this one, I think those ones forgot us. The water was ok, refreshing or not I did not have a choice, but I can’t deny the fact that it renewed my energy. Thus, it gingered me to work on my assignment, as I stared at the question “If readers are leaders what are writers”? I started the journey of a thousand words saying “writers are kingmakers”. After that line I was swung into a temporary block where distraction hit me like a soprano performer who hits a high key note. See, I would rather tell you stories of my childhood escapades than bore you. When I remembered the day a MAD WOMAN chased me, I burst out laughing uncontrollably. Lol** you have to read this story. On that Sunday morning, I woke up with so much joy in my heart…. To be continued

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