Bisi Alimi Recalls The Day He Declares Being Gay On National Tv

Bisi declared being a gay rights activist on October 3rd 2004 at an interview with Funmi Iyanda on New Dawn. He is proud of his sexuality, as he prepares to exchange wedding vows with his partner next month. Bisi Alimi made a post on his IG page this morning to tell how happy he is since he came out. He wrote;

“Day 2 of 30 days to my wedding of 30 things to be grateful of. On the 6th October 2004, I sat on that sofa with Funmi Iyanda and I came out. She gave me the opportunity in no patronising nor condensing way to tell my story. On that day I learnt the power of truth and authenticity. I learnt that life is what you make of it. I was a 29years old boy, just graduating from university with a prominent role in ‘Roses and Thorns’ a soap series on Galaxy Television. I lost everything after coming out but I gained today. Life was preparing me for a journey beyond my expectations. In 29 days, I will say I do to a man I have come to find solace in his arms. #gaymarriage #30daysofthankfulness #newdawnwithfunmiiyanda#comingout #lgbtcomingout#authenticity #ido”


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