Wiz Khalifa to Amber Rose ”I’m not your Rebound Guy” but we can chill in my Bed

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Wiz Khalifa wants Amber Rose, and everyone else, to know he’s not sitting around waiting to fulfill her sexual needs after her “horrible” threesome — but he’ll still let her in his bed.

If you missed it … Amber said she’d simply rely on her ex from now on, after she had a crappy menage a trois. Wiz fired back Friday morning, saying … “If I were to say ‘I f—– two bitches last week and it was wack. Ima just call my baby’s mom.’ Would you feel flattered?”

He was clearly pissed, but the weird part is shortly before he tweeted … Amber had posted a video of her, Wiz and their son Sebastian chilling in bed. Now, we’ll say this — it hardly looked like a cozy, romantic setting.

More like good co-parenting.

Just a guess, but Amber might have to look elsewhere for sex. Wiz doesn’t sound like he’s down to be her booty call.



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