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Pope Francis declares Mother Teresa a saint in highlight of his Holy Year of Mercy – AP


Pope Francis has declared Mother Teresa a saint in highlight of his Holy Year of Mercy.

Mother Teresa, also known as Teresa of Calcutta, was born on August 26, 1910, and was named Gonxha Agnes. Just a few short years after her death in 1997, she was quickly beatified by Pope John Paul II.

She was a Prominent religious figure, saint and nun Mother Teresa, that provided physical and emotional support to hundreds of homeless and sick individuals; she received numerous awards and honors for her efforts, including Bharat Ratna 1980, Nobel Peace Prize 1979, Templeton Prize 1973, the gold medal of the Soviet Union’s Peace Committee and many others.



Mother Teresa came from a wealthy family and spent her childhood years earning an education in academic studies and the Catholic religion. She devoted her life to God when still at a young age.

To prepare to work with the poor, Mother Teresa took an intensive medical training with the American Medical Missionary Sisters in Patna, India. Her first venture in Calcutta was to gather unschooled children from the slums and start to teach them. She quickly attracted both financial support and volunteers, and in 1950 her group, now called the Missionaries of Charity, received official status as a religious community within the Archdiocese of Calcutta. Members took the traditional vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, but they added a fourth vow—to give free service to the most abjectly poor. In Mother Teresa’s own view, the work of her group was very different from that of secular welfare agencies. She saw her nuns ministering to Jesus, whom they encounter as suffering in the poor, especially those who are dying alone or who are abandoned children.





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