”DCW” Display Cash Wednesday

Wednesday the 14th of September 2016 turned out to be a foreign currency display day. it started with Port-Harcout first son Duncan mighty with an instagram post that read:


 What a morning surprise. My boss called me and said I heard ur album is dropping on Friday I said yes he brought out 1k pounds and gave to me saying, make I launch am first before e come out…. Am using part of this first income from the certificate album to sow to one lucky needy today #thankyoumyexcellency #duncanmighty #thecertificate #youngwealth

Later in the day, Musician Chinagorom Onuoha aka African China, shared these pics of  foreign currency, jewelery and a cover of his old album via his Instagram page. His caption read: “#Statement…Talk less and do more.”
Quick question, Is there  Recession in Nigeria ?

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