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Senate can’t Impeach Buhari

The planned Impeachment process against President Mohammadu Buhari being circulated in certain quarters has been dismissed by Senate Leader, Mohammed Ali Ndume. saying it was untrue.

Ali Ndume said it is futile for anybody to think the Senate alone can impeach the President.

The Senate leader told journalists in Abuja that impeachment process is never a sole business of the Senate.

The Lawmaker from Borno South was emphatic that the Senate cannot impeach the President.

He said, “The impeachment process is a National Assembly matter not the Senate alone. Senate cannot impeach the President. It is the National Assembly that can impeach the President. The Senate cannot impeach President Buhari.

“It is the National Assembly and it is by 2/3 majority.

“It is a process, a long tedious process and in this country we don’t even need that. We are not even contemplating it and even if anybody contemplates it, it is not going to work because this is an APC Senate.

“We have the majority.  It is 60- 58 senators and you need 72 senators to start off impeachment process.

“Where are they going to get the 24? Let me tell you as some of them are coming into PDP, many of them have their other legs with us in the APC.”

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