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Mabel Celebrates first Birthday without OJB in 24 years.


Barely a week after the burial of Nigerian foremost Music producer, singer and songwriter OJB , Mabel marks birthday without OJB …On Wednesday, July 13, 2016 late OJB‘s first wife, Mabel Okungbowa. The woman well-loved and celebrated by her husband’s friend for her love, steadfastness and selflessness said that for the first time in 24 years she is marking her birthday without her husband by her side praying for her. Mabel who is OJB’s first wife donated her kidney to help save OJB’s life when he first suffered kidney failure in 2013. After the music producer’s death, Mabel said she did not regret donating one of her kidneys to her husband. Mabel was by OJB’s side when he died from kidney related complications on June 14, 2016. One of the late singer’s  close allies, Emma Ugolee, described Mabel as the late music producer’s least celebrated but most priced achievement, revealing her reaction as her husband married new wives.

Wale Oluwaleimu  OJB was  to turn 50 on July 4, 2016. He was buried on Friday, July 8, 2016 at Ikoyi Cemetery, Lagos. He is survived by three wives and eight children.

Below is her emotional post;

Mabel ojb

Happy Birthday to this Super woman.


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