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Another Rivers Re-run election by Gersh Ogbuluijah

As the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC prepares for the Re-run we feature a Post from a concerned rivers citizen.



In a week’s time the people of Rivers State will go to the polls agàin to complete the inconclusive elections held about three months ago.
The last rerun, as is typical in Rivers State, was a war. And as in all wars, there were casualties which majority were youths. Just before that election I admonished our young people not to lend their youth to politicians to use for their selfish ends. As is now common knowledge, that counsel was not heeded we are still dealing with the trail of blood.left behind by that election. Lives and limbs were lost.

As to be expected, the casualties were neither the “big men” nor their children; it was the youth. I wonder how many of the maimed youths during that last rerun who today, have easy and unfettered access to their political principals, be they APC or PDP.

Another rerun election is round the corner and I am sure the politicians have in the past few weeks been warming themselves towards you again. Again, like the last time, I give you free counsel. As in Proverbs 1:10, I admonish: My son, if sinners entice you, do not consent. They will come in subtle ways and promise you the moon. They will want to buy your conscience and send you on errands they dare not send their own children, who in any case, are in the comfort and safety of their own homes or in choice schools at home and abroad. They will expose you to danger and shield their own children.

Why would you allow yourself to be hoodwinked each time there is an election? And each time you end up with the short end of the stick. Children, I can only point the light for you but you have to walk the path yourselves. Unfortunately, I cannot be more Catholic than the Pope. People, please use your heads.

May God direct your path

Gersh Ogbuluijah is Husband,Father and Philantrophist .

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