Alibaba Very Optimistic about Settlements in the Entertainment industry

Nigeria’s King of Comedy , Ali Baba who is often times spot-on with his views on the happenings in the nations entertainment scene has just revealed his confidence in the reconciliation process which has kicked off between broken parties in the entertainment industry.

Just yesterday, one half of Nigeria’s foremost pop group Mr P a.k.a Peter of PSquare took to his instagram account to announce a final reconciliatory move, while owning up and taking the blame of tearing the music group, Psquare apart.

Psquare Tiwa

Ali baba in light of this took to his Instagram page to write:

If I had placed my bet on these brothers coming back… I would have won. Anyway, one of the guys that was there the day I emphatically said they would sort their differences out and get back together called me to say “Ali, I had to call you, because you said so” and he added, “but that Tiwa them own go hard”. So I asked him “You wan bet?”… And he said, “I no trust you again, the kind confidence you take dey talk some things dey fear me”. 

Though some industry folks seem to be insinuating that the current economic realities and lack of shows led Peter to his self styled Apology, We’ll just have to wait and see how the rest of the drama unfolds.

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