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Ghanian Musician Denise Williams Meets TB Joshua

Former Leader of the musical group-RnM appeared on T.B Joshua’s Emmanuel TV and apart from dishing out some shocking news about her adult life, she also talked about how things were for her as a child.

Denise Williams, former group leader of RnM (winners of the maiden edition of the Vodafone Icons) has revealed that TB Joshua has saved her from a possessed world of confusion, prostitution and drug abuse.

Denise stated that, “My mother is a drug addict and alcoholic, my father I never knew him, not because he was a dead-beat dad but because my mother was very promiscuous.”

According to her, she was abused severally and finally sent away to her real mum at the age of 12 on board a flight to Liberia during that country’s civil war.

She was disappointed upon seeing her mother whom she said, “lived with three other men in an unfinished building.”

She revealed that, her mum introduced her to prostitution and after facing harsh economic hardships, she met a man, who was seven years older than her. That man, she noted, introduced her to drugs and alcohol which become part of her life.

She admitted that she was lost until a friend took her to TB Joshua’s popular church, the Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN). According to her, many men offered to have sexual relationships with her in order to advance her dreams of having a successful music career before, during and after the various singing competitions she had participated in.

The talented singer added that when she finally won Vodafone Icons with RnM, with all the promise that came with it, her personal devils led her astray. “Something came in me and said leave them alone.

They are holding you back, why don’t you just pursue your solo career and I just left those girls and those girls have moved on, they are elevating, great things are happening to them and I start singing at another karaoke bar again.

So I am not moving forward anymore” she said. She also revealed that she attempted suicide severally with no success and admitted that it was the grace of God. “I attempted suicide more than three or four times and I wouldn’t die because every time I tried someone will come and find me and save me from it.

I’m saved, I’m healed, I’m delivered, I’m happy” she added. She indicated that she wasn’t the same Denise any more as her life had been transformed.

She assured the pastors of SCOAN that she was a baby in Christ and wanted God to direct her in her music career. Denise has been on several singing competitions including Idols West Africa and Vodafone Icons.

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