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Nigerian Pastor’s Wife Whose Womb Was Removed During Surgery Welcomes Baby (PHOTOS)

Nigerian Pastor’s Wife Whose Womb Was Removed During Surgery Welcomes Baby (PHOTOS)

A Faith Tabernacle (aka Winners’ Chapel) pastor and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Ekere just experienced something not short of a miracle.

They have just welcomed a healthy baby despite the fact that unknown to the wife, her womb had been previously surgically removed.

When she took in, her husband kept knowledge of the the removed womb away from her as he did not ‘want her faith to be shaken.’

The couple shared their testimony in church.

The following account was shared by Pearl Clement on Facebook;


  With Pastor Dennis Ekere whose testimony was shared in 4 services in Winners Chapel Ikot Ebido Oku today.

His dear wife after a fibroid surgery developed complications which led to him signing that her womb be removed as measures to saving her life. He signed and the womb was remove and given to him in a Heinz salad cream….

Men and Brethren, few months later, his dear wife took in, ie got pregnant and delivered a bouncing baby boy weighing 3.7kg last week Saturday.
Yesterday was the naming ceremony and may I add here that his dear wife only knew that yesterday that her womb had been cut off all this while. Asking why he refused to disclose to her or anyone, he said he didn’t want her FAITH TO SHAKE.
With my spiritual eyes I just saw Ekere Dennis included in the hall of faith in Hebrews11.This God is too good ooo.help me sing ooo

Now tell me.
What can God not do?
What is too hard for God?
Who is like unto God’

See pictures below;

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