Why Ghanaian rapper walks around with a condom in his pocket
Tema-based Ghanaian rapper, Kwasi Agyekum, popularly known in showbiz as D Cryme, says he always walks around with condoms. According to the Tema-based rapper, he carries condoms around because, during crucial times, most guys forget to protect themselves, advising that using condoms protects one from unwanted pregnancies and contracting... Read more
Durex condoms are recalled after they failed burst pressure tests
Durex has recalled 10 batches of condoms because they might burst during sex. The company’s six, 12 and 18-packs of ‘Real Feel’ and latex-free condoms failed to pass tests of their burst pressure as they near their use-by date, Durex warned. All the condoms were made this year and... Read more
Why condoms were found at my concert in Ibadan – Mayorkun
Nigerian singer, Mayorkun has explained why condoms were found at the venue of his Ibadan concert. According to a report, the condoms were only distributed to fans for a safe sex awareness programme. While trying to encourage safe sex among youths, the organizers, with the support of relevant organisations, distributed... Read more
Nigerians Consume 400 Million Condoms Annually – SFH
Nigerians Consume 400 Million Condoms Annually – SFH sexually active nigerians Society for Family Health (SFH) has disclosed that Nigerians consume over 400 million condoms annually. Speaking in Lagos on Tuesday during the launch of Flex condom, SFH’s Managing Director, Bright Ekweremadu, said that the 400 million condom consumption may... Read more